Dr. Gábor BOGNÁR Ph.D.

associate professor, general and plastic surgeon

…to help and to heal. As a general and plastic surgeon I believe in healing both the body and the soul. I’m not asking my patients why they want to change their body, if this is how they are happier and feel better in their skin. My role in this World is to fullfill your desires to the best of my knowledge. You know… So you could fly…

Member of the Hungarian Surgical Society, and the Hungarian Plastical Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery Society. 

He received his M.D. at Semmelweis University, Budapest, in 1992 and since he has been working at the University’s 2nd Surgical Clinic, currently as an associate university professor. 

International Work Experience

Freiburg – Germany

He gained training and work experience as a general and plastic surgeon at the following international clinics: 

Freiburg – Since 1998, 4-6 weeks/annum (1999-2000: 18 months): laparoscopic and minimaly invasive surgery, mammaplasty, reconstuctive breast surgery, body contouring, microsurgery, hand surgery. At the same time in Freiburg, at the Erich Lexer Klinik: aesthetic plastic surgery (breast surgery, abdominoplasty, face lift), lipofilling and cosmetology 

esztétikai plasztikai sebészet (mellplasztika, hasplasztika, arcplasztika), lipofilling, cosmetology.

… for me Freiburg was the cradle, where I will always yearn to and return. The precision and the professionalism of my German colleagues made me humble and they insprire me to always learn the latest techniques. 

The Lexer Klinik is a workshop where I learned that the patient is always the cornerstone. I follow the clinic’s creed: „Salus aegroti suprema lex esto” – The well-being of the patient is the most important law.

Zurich and Basel – Switzerland

Zurich – microsurgery
Basel – abdominoplasty, nose job, mammaplast, vascular surgery, bottock surgery

… for me Switzerland is the island of harmony, where I could explore without constraints both in depth and breadth the world of plastic surgery. It was a marvelous venue for the transfer of knowledge, where I was immediately treated as a trusted colleague. 

Vienna and Innsbruck – Austria

Vienna – Face lift, facial reconstution surgery, mammaplasty, breast reduction, microsurgery


Innsbruck – mammoplasty, breast reduction, body contouring, lipofilling, face lift, eyelid surgery, special breast reduction surgeries.

… In neighbouring austian clinics I had the pleasure to lose myself multiple times in the challenges of facial and breast aesthetic and reconstuctional surgeries. 

I always found that level of humbleness fascinating where even the patient’s smallest aesthetic problem would be addressed with the greatest attention and technical expertise during detailed consultations. 

Scientific research

Scientific research

His scientific work and his Ph.D. is supported by over 30 publications and over 60 presentations. He annualy takes part in multiple masterclasses and conferences abroad. He’s a frequent participant at local, Hungarian conferences. 

… I always believed that a surgeon is not only a craftsman, who does his job, but also a scientist, who has to write in order to organise his knowledge.Publications are an artform and an inner motivation. My publication are broad reviews that are imprints of my knowledge and my studies. ”Non opus est verbis, credite rebus” – there is no need of words; believe facts. (Ovid)


The plastic surgery has currently evolved into a complex science. Its knowledge base is not self evident. A plastic surgeon must continuously train themself and cannot settle with simpler, more traditional techniques used 10-20 years ago. 

In today’s dynamically evolving world of surgery the scope of plastic surgery is rapidly expanding, so a professional clinical surgeon has to master the new procedures. Anatomical knowledge, the knowledge of surgical techniques and the continuous following of the most recent literature of the field is expected of a doctor as well as care and kindness. Being present at international professional events and masterclasses is the minimal requirement… at least for me.

The clinics and the doctors of Freiburg, Zurich, Basel, Vienna and Innsbruck gave and still give a tough schooling till this day, since I send multiple weeks each year with them. Over the years the colleagues also became friends. It is good to know, that I can acquire firsthand knowledge anytime of both the latest surgical techniques and instruments. 

Examples of my publication on plastic surgery:

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